Thursday, 28 June 2012


Hi guys! Mosquito are really fucking annoying!! U just gonna be vulgar and rude when it comes to mosquito. I got bitten by these tiny little ugly insects in my room yesterday. Now, my legs are full of red spot. Thanks to mr.mosquito.>>>> Today, I would like  to share this amazing person from hong kong with you! She is Hilary Tsui. She is married to Eason Chan(Dominant singer in HK) and got a daughter named Constance Chan ( cool name, right?) Anyway, the subject is not on her daughter but her!! I really adore her style,her style is so edgy, chic and cool ! Here are some pictures of her!
                                                             *The way she rocks neon colour!*

                                                          *  The way she rocks denim*



                                                   And, i would like to share this with you too!

Pretty disgusting right? But it's true that women virginal looks like this! this photo is also taken frm her blog,
I found it interesting so I post it. There isn't any intention of me posting this, I just wanna
share this with You! Sorry, if I'd offended you!  

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