Saturday, 15 December 2012

do doo doomsday?

                                                                       It's Doomsday.....

It shall not be. It won't be. It will definitely not. 
I just live my life for 17 and a half years, this is too short to die. There's so much things await for me to accomplish. Dear God, can u postpone it? maybe push it to 7012? Reasonable enough? Anyway, I would like to share some pictures that inspired my day! 

Feel like doing this for the whole winter break. But I can't!!!

I'm sick of  procrastinating.  2013 resolution: Stop procrastinating

Love the brown shoe on the bottom left.

Queen of inspiration- Tavi

Can U imagine ?
That's all for today. Good night. 8.28pm 

Friday, 14 December 2012

Can dream it, Can't have it

Oh mannn !! I'm Fuck-ingly in love with this MCM backpack. But, it costs almost 3000++ MYR! Obviously tell me I can dream it , can't have it !