Thursday, 28 June 2012


Hi guys! Mosquito are really fucking annoying!! U just gonna be vulgar and rude when it comes to mosquito. I got bitten by these tiny little ugly insects in my room yesterday. Now, my legs are full of red spot. Thanks to mr.mosquito.>>>> Today, I would like  to share this amazing person from hong kong with you! She is Hilary Tsui. She is married to Eason Chan(Dominant singer in HK) and got a daughter named Constance Chan ( cool name, right?) Anyway, the subject is not on her daughter but her!! I really adore her style,her style is so edgy, chic and cool ! Here are some pictures of her!
                                                             *The way she rocks neon colour!*

                                                          *  The way she rocks denim*



                                                   And, i would like to share this with you too!

Pretty disgusting right? But it's true that women virginal looks like this! this photo is also taken frm her blog,
I found it interesting so I post it. There isn't any intention of me posting this, I just wanna
share this with You! Sorry, if I'd offended you!  

Eyes open

     Hi, I'm back! I've been so lazy to blog for the past few weeks, meanwhile I'm also busy revising my       french. Damn, French is not easy to learn especially their grammar(dark side of French). But, I still manage to get 77.5 for my French test.:)>>>>  Ok,  I'm currently broke:(  and not because of these 7 things below here but also spending on movies & food ! I love movie & food and I can't resist myself from not eating & watching.>>>> Mum wanted to find a clutch bag to match her gown and her budget is below 100. She thinks that, Y buy so expensive and you only use it once a while?(well, I totally not agree with her for some reason), Anyway, we went to Kenanga wholesale fashion city to find *cheap&*nice clutch  bag. At first, I have no intend to buy anything, but. I end up buying 3 shirts, pair of earrings and nail polish that makes me broke.>>>> Make sure you wear a pair of comfy shoes if u're planning to go there ,cus it has 7 floors! You are just gonna dig yourself a grave is you wear heels! Personally, I don't like most of the shop there( u will find out yourself if go there). Well, I said most but not all. However, I still manage to find shops which suits my taste. 

Things I bought during this week
Not showing off,  I'm just sharing

Flipflop-25 rm ( frm Banana Peel)
T-shirts-25 rm each( kenanga wholesale fashion city)
earrings-20 rm(k.w.f.c)
mint green nail polish- 12.9 rm( k.w.f.c)
sunnies- 19.5 rm( bonita)
Total- 152.4 rm ( I know it's below 200 rm, but imma student only! no pay!)

 Recently, I'm crazy about comfy crop tee, so, i get 3 for myself!( coincidently, three shirts have a owl print! )
Get myself a pair of  neon human skull earring!

What I did in my mum's wardrobe room !
taking self picture in front of the mirror:) 

 Errr...I'm like advertising  canon camera.  haha

* Maintenant, je suis très fatigueé. Je veux dormir. Bonne nuit! :)

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Snow white & the huntsman

The costume I love the most in the entire show!!!! @@<3

Although the bird's head around her dress creeps me out, but I still thinks it's

So evilllll
If it is not Charlize Theron, I could have walk out from the cinema.Personally, I still think Kristen Stewart needs a big improvement in her acting skills and also practise more on her facial expression. When Kristen appears, I thought to myself is this Bella or snow white? Both look the same to me.Snow white suppose to have skin as white as the snow, lips as red as the rose(or blood?). from all above, Kristen fails every characteristic in Snow white. No doubt, I love Kristen acting as Bella.<3 No one can replace Bella but Kristen. Anyway, I was so mesmerise by the costume wore by Charlize Theron. It makes her so evil but in the same time  gorgeous! She is the most beautiful evil Queen I've ever saw!!

And, yup, I love him more than the huntsman! He's HOT!!