Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Okay, I reactivated my blogging mode. Frankly speaking, blogging really isn't my kind of thing. But, recently, I've absorb too many inspiration and I have no where to blast it out, so I decided to blog it.
>>Summer break is finally over!Yay!  Which means I'm entering my over-longing fashion course! Well, I'm excited but in the same time I'm scared too. Well, Excited because of learning new stuff. Who doesn't get excited for new stuff? I'm scared because it's Lasalle! You will definitely take in stress and overloaded project every year in Lasalle. Think of all the sleepless night, I'm actually shivering now!
>> It's already one month plus after coming back from my Europe vacation. Hell, I miss London! I've never got a chance to miss Paris because we're there to catch a flight only. That's indeed very sad and disappointing for me because Paris is one of my favourite city. Well, I really miss London. I'm listing London as my favourite city after Paris.
How can you miss this in London? It's everywhere.

At Camden town. So hipster.

Oh, typical London eateries

Well, have no idea what is this called. But, it looks like some kind of  mutated tomato

Markets Markets Markets in the centre of Piccadily Circus!