Thursday, 26 July 2012

Hong kong

First day:
 The weather in Hong Kong is unexplainable HOT and HUMID !! Can't bear with it!!! 
Well,apart from the weather, everything is just fine  in Hong Kong. 

Couples wearing matching colours... Cute right?

Lunch ! porridge and "Zha leung"

Red bean cake

ladies market.. almost the the same as Petalling street in Malaysia.. selling imitation goods all along the street..
so disappointed!

Fruit stall!  bought a miniature watermelon! it's too cute that we can't stop ourselves  frm buying it !!
Mini watermelon!! 

Tea  time!! Hong style milk tea and french toast!

Dinner in the hotel room !! wantan mee!


  1. Lol, I wouldn't know that the third picture people are a couple if you hadn't mention it. And the french toast look so finger linkin good *drooling adi*

    1. it's so obvious tat they r haha, yea, but quite fattening ... how's skul?